<h3>G0 Big</h3>

More freedom and comfort for BIG adventures
As a parent, sometimes you have to go with the flow. With the BRITAX GO BIG, you’re ready for wherever the day takes you, whether it’s inner-city strolling or country adventures. Its new versatile features deliver BIG time comfort – all with the same premium performance and ease of use of the award winning GO range.


دسته بندی

New features, same great functionality

This latest addition to the GO family has all the great details of the BRITAX GO, like its easy-to-fold, forward to rearward facing seat unit, and a higher prambody position that lets your baby ride closer to you. Its brand new features include larger front wheels and a lie-flat seat unit for newborns. No matter how your little one likes to ride, it all adds up to comfortable cruising.


On and off road usability

With the BRITAX GO BIG you can take your little one on an all-terrain adventure anytime you like, with comfort and ease. Its larger front wheels work great in the city and country, while its superior central suspension delivers a smooth ride over any bumpy roads ahead.


Multiple options for your versatile life

With the BRITAX GO BIG you can customise your pushchair to make it more comfortable for your newborn. Our multiple travel system options include a rearward and forward facing seat unit with a comfortable lie-flat position, a lightweight and convenient soft carrycot – specially designed for easy attachment, the ability to fit the prambody at a higher position – so you can stay extra close to your newborn, and the option to attach any Britax Römer infant carrier. You choose what works best for your child and your journey.


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